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Designed for lifestyle

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Built for life


Mount Hutt Pods are beautifully crafted, small footprint cabins suited to a range of environments including urban, rural and remote wilderness.

Hand built in Methven, Mount Hutt Pods are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions faced in New Zealand's rugged Southern Alps.


The versatility of a Mount Hutt Pod makes them a perfect option for backyard sleep outs, playhouses, offices, shelters or back country huts.

Each Pod is manufactured to NZ Standard NZS 3604 for timber framed and are fully insulated to ensure maximum comfort irrespective of the weather.

Mount Hutt Pods are available in 3 sizes with a range of finishes available to suit your specific requirements.


The Snug Pod 

from $19,500*


External - 2.6m (w) x 2.8m (l) x 2.6m (h)

Internal - 2.4m (w) x 2.4m (l) x 2.25m (h)

Internal Area - 5.76m2

* Price exclude GST and Delivery


Family Pod

from $27,000*


External - 2.6m (w) x 3.6m (l) x 2.6m (h)

Internal - 2.4m (w) x 3.0m (l) x 2.25m (h)

Internal Area - 7.2m2

* Price exclude GST and Delivery


Mega Pod

from $29,995*


External - 2.6m (w) x 4.6m (l) x 2.6m (h)

Internal - 2.4m (w) x 4.0m (l) x 2.25m (h)

Internal Area - 9.6m2

* Price exclude GST and Delivery

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Deluxe Pod

from $40,995*


External - 3.1m (w) x 6.8m (l) x 2.7m (h)

Internal** - 2.8m (w) x 6.0m (l) x 2.43m (h)

Internal Area - 16.8m2

* Price exclude GST and Delivery


Amenities Pod

from $38,995*


External - 2.6m (w) x 4.6m (l) x 2.7m (h)

Internal** - 2.4m (w) x 1.75m (l) x 2.33m (h)

Internal Area - 9.6m2 x 2

* Price exclude GST and Delivery



Studio Pod

from $64,995*


External - 3.1m (w) x 6.8m (l) x 2.8m (h)

Internal - 2.88m (w) x 6.0m (l) x 2.55m (h)

Internal Area - 17.28m2

* Price exclude GST and Delivery



  • Colorsteel Enduro Roof - Environmental Category (Moderate) with upgrade options available

  • H3 Treated sub-frame

  • Multipoint Locking Security System

  • Insulated and Double Glazing with argon gas with the option to upgrade to Thermally Broken

  • Water Ingress Protection

  • Standard Electricity Pack includes LED Lights, 2x 240V Sockets, smoke alarm with the availability of solar power system

  • Internal Pine Walls

  • Laminate Flooring

  • Camping Electricity Hook Up

easy to transport

efficient design allows for easily transportation and relocation without compromising the structure.

quality insulation

design and construction provides protection from the elements and helps to reduce energy consumption.


hand-crafted construction enables customisation of fixtures, fittings and finishes to suit your own requirements.


expand, relocate or rent our Pods are designed to adapt to your personality, lifestyle and requirements.

double glazing

high quality glazing design works to maximise insulation efficiency and adds to improved levels of security.  

get disconnected

a range of off-grid solutions can be incorporated into your Pod to meet specific environmental conditions.

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Methven New Zealand

Contact Us.

Mount Hutt Pods Limited

26 Methven Chertsey Road

Methven, Canterbury

New Zealand 7730

+64 (0) 21 2044 560

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